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The Importance Of The Latest PHP Version

Did you know that PHP is the #1 choice of scripting language for 78% of websites that make use of a server-side programming language? Contrary to some public opinion, PHP still plays an essential role when it comes to site building, and WordPress in particular. According to WordPress’s official website, all WordPress sites require a version of 7.3 PHP version, …

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Why it’s Important to Maintain Your Website

Once you have created an epic website, it can be tempting to just forget about it and hope that it creates leads on its own. Here we explain why it is important to maintain your website. But unfortunately, that’s not how websites work. A website should be treated somewhat as a living creature that needs attention in order to thrive. …

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Why Invest in Quality Website Design?

The internet is powerful thing. As a business owner trying to build your brand, then you should know that having an online presence is a must. Potential customers and people wanting to know more about your business will search for it on their smartphones or PCs and as such, if a search for your business or your products and services …

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Top Benefits of Social Media Marketing

If you have been spending too much on marketing strategies and getting frustrated, you need to embrace social media marketing to see greater change. Leveraging on the power of social networks has been one of the best digital marketing strategies of recent years. According to marketers, social media generates great exposure for your business. Investing in effective social media marketing …

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Why You Should Have a Professional Website Design

You may be weighing the options of getting your website professionally designed or throwing some content together using a few tutorials. No one can deny the benefits of establishing either your personal brand or your business online through a website. However, most people underestimate the importance of having a website that is professionally designed in making it easier to access …

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