There are dozens of different components to take into consideration when designing a website, and it can be confusing to navigate the world of digital lingo. Before you start the process of designing your dream website, there are four basic components that you need to understand!

Allow us to guide and inspire you when it comes to the many possibilities involved with designing a website.


When we talk about the structure of a website, we are essentially talking about how a site has been set up as well as the structural elements making up the site.

Sitemaps play a vital role in the structure as they define the macro structure of the site by organising the different web pages in hierarchical order.

A wireframe adds order on a micro level, and provides a schematic drawing of the web page so that you’ll get an idea of where each element of each page will be located. Wireframes do not contain the exact colours, graphics, or content that will be used. Think of wireframes as a rough sketch that focuses on the position of each element.

There are many different templates out there which can be used for drag and drop design. Whether you choose a structure that is more image-based or one that has more of a focus on content, will all depend on the goals for your site.


The function of your site is an incredibly important component as it will define what type of value you can offer you potential clients, as well as the uses of your website. Functions allow web users to take a variety of different actions on your site.

Some common functions include:

The functions that are available to you will depend on the software that’s being used to run your site. Plugins and widgets also allow you to add additional functions such as signing up for email marketing, and embedding YouTube videos.


The way your site looks and feels plays an important role in the user experience, which in turn has the power to affect your google rankings. The style, design, and aesthetics of your site should not be taken lightly. Elements that add to the overall style of your site include:

When deciding on a style, you should think of a few words that describe your business and what you are trying to portray. Are you fun, authoritative, or informative/ Deciding on a few key descriptive words will help guide your style.

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As humans are exceptionally visual creatures, the graphics on your website play a vital role. The types of graphics you could use include:

You can definitely include a mix of different graphic but you want to ensure that everything flows cohesively and sticks within your original theme.

Even if you aren’t designing a website on your own, and you’re getting a website built by a professional team, it is still important that you understand these components so that you can offer input and express your website wants and needs coherently.

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