A responsive website is a site that responds and adapts to the web user’s device, software and screen size by making use of flexible grids and layouts. While many website owners may see the switch to a responsive website as a time-consuming and costly process, the switch is definitely worth it!


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As a professional web design agency in Mauritius, we have dealt with many clients needing to switch over to a responsive website, and we have seen the incredible results that they have experienced from doing so.

If you’re still uncertain about the importance of a responsive website design, here are a few more reasons why a responsive website is well worth the investment.

Enhances Your Digital Marketing Efforts

Before you start investing in digital marketing in Mauritius, you should ensure that your site is fully responsive. A responsive website will enhance all of your SEO and digital marketing efforts. This is because Google favours responsive websites.

A professional web design agency will be able to create a responsive site for you before they begin focusing on SEO and digital marketing strategies.

Most People Browse on Their Smartphones

Traditional sites are built to accommodate web browsing while responsive sites accommodate those browsing on smartphones as well as tablets. In the modern age we live in, most people browse from a mobile device so if you’re not accommodating to mobile users you could be losing out on a large portion of potential customers.

By accommodating mobile users you’ll get more traffic and ultimately more sales.

Prepare For the Future

By the looks of things, the device that web users make use of will only diversify. So ensure that you are fully set up for the future by switching over to a fully responsive website design.

Stay Ahead of Your Competition

Chances are that not all of your competitors have invested in responsive web design yet. So get ahead of your competition and start reaping the benefits that go along with a responsive website before they do!

Ready to invest in responsive web design in Mauritius? Get in touch with the team at Oyster Media today for all of your web design and digital marketing needs in Mauritius.

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