For hotels and other accommodation providers, it’s vital that the impact and importance of their website is not underestimated.  For most of your guests, their first impression of your brand began long before they arrived for their stay. Many travellers will visit a website to learn more about the property they are considering, and this is when they first begin developing an opinion of your accommodation.

First impressions count; it matters what your website looks like and it matters how it functions. You also have to make sure travellers are finding your website as they research travel.

Mauritius has beautiful beaches and some of the worlds most stunning hotels on offer, as a website design agency in Mauritius It goes without saying that we can make you a great website for your self-catering holiday rental! But it’s not just about making a website look good – it has to be functional too! We combine functionality with great design – so your site works brilliantly. Included in the cost of setting up your website, we include multiple “Call To Actions” as well as include On-Page Search Engine Optimisation – the Call To Actions is what turns your site visitors into bookings and the On Page Search Engine Optimisation is what helps gets these visitors to your website in the first place! The result – a beautiful looking website that actually will increase your bookings.

We can take your accommodation website design one step further…

We can also help you choose the right booking system for you, and can integrate any 3rd party online booking systems. It’s very simple to get started!
We can also integrate additional services such as online payments and chat features.

Mauritius Luxury Hotel Website Design

hotel website design Mauritius

Great luxury hotel website design can be a remarkably powerful tool to establish your brand. For the luxury hotel business, in particular, a great website offers you the opportunity to present both the atmosphere and services that you are providing to your target audience, luxury travelers.

An excellent website plays a vital role in the ability of a hotel to entice and land the most motivated guests. Luxury travelers are generally growing increasingly tech-savvy since they spend a significant amount of their time researching on hotels and ultimately completing their bookings individually from their laptops and mobile devices. As such, for a luxury hotel to stand out and successfully convert their website visitors to potential clients, they must present expertly designed websites that captivate and engage the users.

Helping your accommodation business succeed online

Oyster Media Mauritius aims not just to design a website for your holiday property business (whether you want a website for a holiday cottage, villa, apartment, guest house or BnB business), but to provide a personal service, giving you all the advice and guidance you need to get the best possible website for your budget and ensure that it succeeds in an increasingly competitive online environment. The business of getting online and successfully marketing your business is becoming more and more complicated, but Oyster Media Mauritius can guide you through those complications, advising on issues like the choice of domain name, which calendar/booking system to use, whether your website will need an SSL certificate (to use the more secure HTTPS protocol), how to structure and optimise the website so it stands a chance of getting a good ranking with the search engines, how to use a content management system so you can update the content of the website yourself later, and numerous other issues. And all the web design advice you might need for your holiday property business is completely free so don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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