Once you have created an epic website, it can be tempting to just forget about it and hope that it creates leads on its own. Here we explain why it is important to maintain your website.

But unfortunately, that’s not how websites work. A website should be treated somewhat as a living creature that needs attention in order to thrive. Your site needs to keep up with
international trends, the Google algorithm and competitor sites.

Whether you have a WordPress of PHP site, by maintain and updating your site you’ll definitely get more leads and potential clients!


website maintenance Mauritius

Areas to Focus on

So, we’ve established that maintaining your site is important, but which aspects of your site are most vital to focus on when it comes to maintenance?

Need some help with website maintenance? Maintaining and updating your site can be a real headache, so why not leave it to the professionals? The team at Oyster Media will ensure that your site is always completely optimised for SEO and all info is up to date.

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